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The sound of a gunshot at close range can irreversibly damage your hearing for life, and that’s a fact!

CENS digital devices are a lightweight, unobtrusive, super-comfortable alternative to the ageing ear muff style of protection. These devices are custom-made to fit the individual contours of your ears. 

The CENS Range offers, not only in ear electronic hearing protection, but also hearing enhancement through noise suppressors.  These products are suitable for handgun, rifle and shotgun shooters.  There is a generic fit option, one size fits all, or, custom fit units molded from impressions taken from the shooters' ears.

The digital microelectronic amplifier provides a more natural listening experience, so you never miss a sound. The CENS Range consists of 6 different models each with their own purpose and features. 
   The ProFlex range are available in a wide range
   of different colour combinations.